Preparing your Commercial Space for the Office Fit Out

So it is decided. You are finally having your office refurbished and revamped. You are pretty excited to see the new look of your office.          But before you get excited and all, there are things that you need to do before the actual fit out. Office interior fit out companies in Dubai

Be sure to have all these items checked before you proceed with the refurbishing


  1. Furnish the final plan and other documents

Before the revamp, you need to secure a copy of the final office design and plan. Ask your contractor for a copy so you can review it and make some necessary final changes on your office space planning. Send your feedback immediately so the contractors will have time to adjust and make changes on their end. Remember, do not proceed without the final copy of the design.

  1. Inform the parties involved

Office fit outs and refurbishing are critical and there will be parties affected. Be sure to inform everyone in advance of this plan. Sent an early notice to employees and stakeholders a month before the actual refurbishing date and make a reminder a week or two days before. This is to prepare the employees in case you are temporarily changing your office location and what they can do to help with the move.


  1. Check the timeline

As a business owner, time is of the essence. Discuss with your contractor how long the fit out would take. It is important that you know so you can make adjustments on schedules and create a favourable timeline for everybody else.


  1. Secure the temporary space

Getting a temporary space would depend on plan. Some business owners would rather get the work piece by piece so they would have to rent a temporary office. But with this scheme, the timelines would have to be extended. It would be advisable to rent though so the contractors can finish the work immediately.


  1. Set a meeting a week before the fit out

Sit with your contractors and have them discuss the process. This is for you to assess the deliverables and what they need from your end. You can also check the final plan while you are on this stage.


  1. Secure the perimeter

Once the date is set, you need to ask the security to guard the perimeter to ensure that everything is in its proper place. You can also have someone check the progress from time to time so you will know how far along the project is.


  1. Get a list of costing

Ask your contractors on the costing and what the things you need to buy are. This is essential especially if you are shopping for furniture. Some contractors offer to do this by themselves, but if you would like to be hands-on on this project, have them give you the list.

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