Benefits of Sports Massage for Athletes

With the proliferation of people taking an active interest in sports, in conjunction with the enhanced intensity of exercise and ever-escalating competitiveness in the field, sports injury clinics in Dubai are touting the many benefits of sports massage. This type of massage claims to potentially enhance the performance of athletes and aid recovery. Here’s how sports massage helps athletes:

Tissue Permeability

Deep sports massage opens up pores in tissue membranes, allowing substances and fluids to pass through and improving the absorption of important nutrients and substances within the body tissue.  This allows muscles to absorb more nutrients and oxygen that help in recovery and aids in the elimination of lactic acids and other waste products.

Relieving Muscle Tension

One of the best ways of relieving muscle tension is through a sports massage. It can help to lengthen tight muscles and release contracted ones. This stimulates blood circulation which in turn relieves tension. This increased blood flow delivers nutrients and oxygen and helps muscles get rid of waste products.

Opening Micro Circulation

Just like exercise, massage also boosts blood flow to tissues but massage dilates the blood vessels differently than exercise; it stretches them. This makes it easier for nutrients to pass through the blood vessels, so that they can be carried to muscles that are in need of recovery.

Reduced Swelling

Massage alleviates swelling in the affected areas of athletes in events of an injury, by exerting the right pressure on the injured muscles. Expert masseuses know how to employ the right massage technique and the pressure needed to alternately compress and release the blood vessels.  This simulation of a normal pumping action aids in lymphatic drainage by boosting blood flow to other limbs as well.

Remodeling/reducing Scar Tissue

Injuries often lead to the formation of scar tissues when the body is in the process of healing. The injured muscle becomes stiff over time, losing its elasticity and flexibility. Dubai physiotherapy clinics recommend effective massage given in the direction of the muscle fiber along the scar tissue, which helps to break down the scar tissue and separate the fibers. This serves to improve flexibility of the injured tissue and boosts the performance of the athlete.

Movement of Lymph and Blood

Sports massage helps to boost blood circulation by fortifying the normal pumping action of the blood vessels. By increasing the pressure on the affected area, a vacuum is created and fluids are sucked in to the muscle through the lymph and blood vessels. This helps damaged muscle tissues as they act like a sponge and lose their ability to absorb the vital nutrients needed for muscle repair.