Prep Tips For Your Upcoming Maternity Shoot

Every soon-to-be mom’s dream of having their maternity experience taken to remind them of this precious moment. But you don’t just go and take a camera. This event should be planned so you can be sure that you get the best shot to remember this by.

Here are some prep tips when planning for your maternity shoot:

  • Know the best time to schedule

Maternity shoots are special and perfect timing is everything to get the most marvelous shot for your keepsake. Most maternity photographer dubai experts suggest to schedule the photo shoot by the end of 7th month of pregnancy to start of the 8th month. According to these experts, during this period, the soon-to-be moms’ baby bump are perfectly round and in full shape. That would look great on the shot.


Be sure to mark the date of the start of your 8th month so you can make preparations before the actual shoot. It would be best to include the whole gang on the shoot – your partner and the kids. It can be a good bonding time for the whole family and also an opportunity to capture this milestone.


  • Find the right shutter bug

Finding the right photographer is crucial for your maternity shoot. For one, you will entrust this guy to capture one of the best moments of your life, so he better be more than good. When scouting for a photographer, be sure to check out his portfolio and his body of work. Check the style and his creative perspective. You might also want to know his work attitude.


Moreover, he should be flexible enough to do other projects like family portrairts, etc. A newborn photographer Dubai should also be able to handle a maternity shoot or other photography jobs.


  • Decide on the props

You might be needing the creative insight of your photographer here. Shoot props is not that important as there are other photographer who can do away with the shoot without them. But it can also help make the shoot a little exciting and adds variety to the shots. Talk to your photographer about this. Layout all the options based on the theme that you preferred and bring it down to at least five, handy shoot props. Do not use heavy and big props unless you have an assistant or stylist that will do the arrangement for you.


  • Think about the wardrobe

The wardrobe that you will wear during the shoot is essential to achieve the look that you want. But more than the style, you need to take into account the comfort. Bear in mind that the shoot might take hours and wearing a not-so-comfy wardrobe might affect your mood which will reflect on the shots. Know your limitations in terms of wardrobes. Even if you want to wear a tight-fitting dress to show your bump, it might be too comfortable for you.